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Prince of Dharma

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The Illustrated Life of Buddha

by Ranchor Prime & B.G. Sharma

Prince of Dharma is a unique presentation of the Buddha’s story. Why? Because it draws upon the classic sources of both the Buddhist and Hindu traditions, to tell the story.

The Buddha was born a Hindu prince, but by his constant questioning and personal magnetism, he founded a new religious path that transformed the life of India, Asia, and the world. Text by Ranchor Prime, illustrations by B.G. Sharma.

Format: Hardbound
Details: Hardbound, 244 pages, 108 colour paintings, 47 black & white paintings, dust jacket, size 31.5 x 31 x 2.3 cm.
Publisher: Mandala Publishing
Pub. Date: 2002
ISBN: 1-886069-38-7

English, Mandala Press

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