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In a World of Gods and Goddesses (hardbound)

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The Mystic Art of Indra Sharma

by James H. Bae

Reflections of India’s ancient Vedic cosmology, the prayerful paintings of In a World of Gods and Goddesses invite the viewer to see a visually astounding who’s who of the Hindu pantheon. Ganesh, Shiva, Laxmi and Lord Krishna are just some of the forms gracing the oversized pages.

Indra Sharma, one of India’s most prolific and sensitive painters, was born in 1923 in the town of Nathdwara, in Rajasthan, India. He learned painting from his family and did his first creation at age ten.

Author James Bae is currently a staff member at the Yoga Research and Education Center in Santa Rosa, Ca. His primary areas of study are Oriental medicine, Hindu and Buddhist art, and Eastern philosophy and culture.

Format: Cloth Bound
Details: Hardbound, 192 pages, 280 colour paintings, dust jacket, size 31.5 x 36.5 x 2.5 cm.
Publisher: Mandala Publishing
Pub. Date: 2003
ISBN: 1-886069-38-7

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